Owl City Music Video

Universal Music, Owl City, Hanson

Animated Music Video


Overview: Faced with a blank canvas from the client, we were tasked with creating a music video for a collaboration between Owl City and Hanson. The challenge was not just to make a music video but to capture the essence of nostalgia that resonates with fans of both artists.

Solution: We pitched a unique concept: an animated music video centered around a VHS tape, personifying nostalgia itself. This approach allowed us to explore the theme of reminiscence, with the VHS tape leading viewers on a journey through cherished memories and moments captured in time. Our team developed a storyline that intertwined with the song’s lyrics, creating a visual narrative that highlighted the emotional depth and connection people have with the past.

Result: 10 Million views! The “Nostalgia” music video became an instant hit, amassing over 8 million views. Its success not only showcased the universal appeal of nostalgia but also played a pivotal role in bringing Owl City and Hanson to a broader audience, culminating in a live performance on the Today Show. This project highlighted our ability to craft stories that touch hearts and leave a lasting impact, all while navigating the creative challenge of visualizing a feeling as complex and personal as nostalgia.

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