How to Showcase Products in Style with Sizzle Reel Videos

For many marketers, the task of making statistics and quotes entertaining is a frequent problem. Thankfully, sizzle reels videos give you the chance to showcase and “wow” audiences in minutes! With the help of a sizzle reel editor, you can create an engaging video that sets a mood fast and does away with the usual bores of text and slideshows. Let’s take a look at what sizzle reels are and why they are one of the most successful forms of animated video marketing:

What Is a Sizzle Reel?

Sizzle Reels (also referred to as demo reels, promos, pitch, showreels or highlight reels) are short videos that utilize visuals, audio and captions to create a fast overview of a product, service, brand or concept. They usually last for 1-2 minutes, but in some cases can be as long as 5 minutes. 

Unlike text, sizzle reels are perfect for quickly presenting marketing information with emotion. With the use of color, stylistic animations and music, you can sell your product in a way that wouldn’t be possible in any other digital medium. Nothing excites like a sizzle reel. 

What’s the Difference Between a Sizzle Reel and an Explainer Video?

Sizzle Reels are usually meant to be kept private from the public. Instead of solely showing how the product can benefit a customer, they show how the product can help a client or business too. 

Nothing Excites Like a Short Sizzle Reel Video

Imagine you’re trying to convince clients to buy your new skincare product. You’ll need something unique to excite the clients, while also showing them crucial marketing facts that usually would be boring. So, you show the clients a short video that sells the product with emotive music, clear captions and slick animations that are memorable and convincing. Everything they see highlights why they should invest in your product. It screams opportunity. You haven’t wasted their time and best of all – they’re excited. 

What Are Sizzle Reels For?

Sizzle Reels are crucial in conveying the core messages of a concept to the viewer. They’re most often used in B2B communications, to show a product’s marketing benefits. They’re great at creating an emotional response, while also showing vital statistics in fast, easy-to-digest bites. 

  • Launching a cluster of new products
  • Showcasing Quarterly Accomplishments
  • Statistics and key information
  • Company or product highlights
  • Quickly displaying media such as video, data, blog posts, reviews, social media, tv content, magazine articles, radio interviews, and ads.

Where Are Sizzle Reels Posted?

Sizzle Reels are usually kept private and shared via email, as they tend to contain marketing information that isn’t designed for the public to see. This can change if you have the rights to the music used and have agreed to show your clients work off publicly.

They can also be used at tradeshows as a background loop or for a new product or in idea presentations. 

Tips for Sizzle Reels

If you’re planning on using a marketing sizzle reel for your new product, service or concept, then here are some key sizzle reel tips to keep in mind: 

Keep Things Bite-Size and Booming

In sizzle reels, less is always more. If you’re using text, the sentences must be short and snappy. There’s no need for excess words. For example, you could state your skincare product “Provides 5x faster skin recovery” rather than going into scientific explanations. You don’t need loads of statistics either, just the ones that “wow” the most. Be to the point, fast and bold.

Keep It Moving

This isn’t a PowerPoint presentation. This is a video. That calls for continually moving, slick animations. This keeps the viewer gripped. The moment the video stalls and looks like a slide is the moment they’ll lose interest. The best sizzle reel editors will be expert video animators too, so they can keep the video flowing.

Structure Your Story

The focus should be on the structure, as much as it should for the animations. That means a striking introduction, clear key points and a call to action. For example, reminding them to sign-up to sell the product in-store, or giving them basic contact info.

Make People Smile

Make it enjoyable. That doesn’t mean be comedic, but it means giving them a reason to see character and life in your product. Mentions of big-name brands, unique animations, energetic music and a sense of opportunity are all reasons to smile! 

Why Hire a Sizzle Reel Editor?

Marketing sizzle reel videos have huge potential. They can be extremely cost-effective, bringing in a huge return on investment. That only happens though if the sizzle reel editor is experienced. The last thing you want to do is spend hours developing a video yourself, only for it to fall flat on its face. If you hire a sizzle reel editor who has a proven track record in video animation, they’ll know how to capture the viewer’s attention and sell your product. 

Hire a Sizzle Reel Editor for Your Marketing Project

If you need an engaging and high-quality sizzle reel video for your product or service, then contact MediaLuv for animated videos that sell! MediaLuv is a results-driven animated video production studio that can transform your statistics and data into sizzle reel videos that are fun and memorable. We’ve worked with big-name brands and agencies and we’d love to add your brand to our list of successes.  

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