Writing, Concepting, Storyboarding, Motion Design, Explainer Video


Overview: GoArc presented us with their groundbreaking app, designed to enhance communication and efficiency in the construction and oil field industries. The challenge was clear: How to effectively communicate the app’s capabilities and benefits to a wide-ranging audience?

Solution: To tackle this, we developed an animated explainer video. The focus was on simplicity and clarity, translating GoArc’s sophisticated technology into a compelling narrative. We designed relatable characters representing key industry roles to illustrate real-world applications of the app, demonstrating its value in facilitating seamless connectivity and leadership in the field.

Result: The explainer video succeeded in magnifying GoArc’s technology, making it accessible and engaging to all stakeholders. It effectively positioned GoArc as a trailblazer in digital transformation, showcasing the app’s potential to revolutionize industry communication. This project underscored our commitment to delivering clear, impactful storytelling that connects innovative technology with its intended audience.

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