About Us

Finding the right creative team to execute on your vision and goals is tough.

You either work with a large agency or hire a freelancer and pray they deliver on time and aren’t surfing in Costa Rica on your dime.

We’re MediaLuv, a small group of strategic, ambitious creatives who handle every single one of your projects like our own.

We believe you should be able to visualize your message and achieve your objectives with ease.

You should not have to wait for dinosaur agencies to get back to you and we’re based in Connecticut so you do not need to worry about us surfing on your watch.

What We Do

We make ordering world class graphic design & animated videos feel like magic.


Lets say you need  to visualize your message so your audience understands something and gets excited about it…we instantly have ideas (a.k.a. a creative plan and mediums to use) for you and we can get started on production within 1-2 business days.

The MediaLuv Mission(s)

  1. Make you and your brand look amazing.
  2. Transform your ideas into content and visuals people luv.
  3. Help your business succeed
  4. Exceed Your Expectations
  5. Make ordering quick, painless, and certain.
  6. Nail your objectives on schedule everytime.
  7. Get started quickly, like, very quickly.

Why Choose MediaLuv?

You have our full attention. We only take on a certain amount of client projects per month, allowing us to dedicate our focus on responding to you quickly and producing your projects quickly. Working with MediaLuv allows you to get world-class creative services, ordered as easily as ordering a package from Amazon.

No headaches, very few phone calls, very few meetings. 


Humble Brags

Worked with artists like Owl City, Fancy ft. Ariana Grande and Meghan Trainor, racking up 10’s of millions of views for their animated videos. Helped massive brands grow their following even massiver (is that a word?) with stunning graphics and animations. Done all of this while making it feel effortless for our clients and to be someone they can always rely on to respond and deliver top notch, on brand, creative every time.

Our Core Custom
Creative Services

Motion Graphic Videos

Product Videos

Sizzle Videos

Pitch Videos

Explainer Videos

HTML5 Banners

Short Form Videos

Motion Brand Guides

On-Demand Graphic Design

Email Design

Presentation Design

Marketing Collateral 

Branding & Logo Design


Creative Consulting

Creative Systems to help your team distribute high quality, 24/7. 

Our Creative Codes

Delighting You & Your Audience

We do more than push pixels, we create to put smiles on people’s faces, make the creative process organized and easy, and make sure you audience luv’s every thing you put out there. 

Fast & High Quality

There’s a saying, “Fast. High Quality. Affordable.” Pick two. Well, this expression was coined in the 1990’s because we live in an era where tools and systems allow you to have all three. 


Medialuv is a creative extension of your brand and brain. When you think you need something created, we have a solution and a process to get it done without the hassles and headaches. 

Ideas & Execution

You will have access to our ideas and insights along with our abilities to execute and produce creative content. 

going the extra mile

Most agencies send and scatter, hoping you don’t have revisions. We work until you are 110% satisfied. 


No ego amigo. We luv working with teams, sharing ideas, and working to get the best results and ROI. 

Our Back Story

Medialuv Creative was born out of a desire to make creativity more accessible. Ryan Maloney, our founder, realized while working in startups and agencies that too much time and budget were wasted on unnecessary overhead and inefficient systems. One night at 4 a.m., while delivering an animated music video to a client, the name Medialuv popped into Ryan’s head. The client predicted the video would be seen by millions and suggested adding a company name. Many millions of views later, Medialuv Creative became a reality.

Try Us Out

There’s only one way to find out if someone is a good fit for you, talk to them, try them out, see if they deliver on their promise. We recommend starting off with a small quick project.

Reach out to schedule a 5 minute conversation. Before our call we’ll send you a short loom video recording with some ideas and an estimate.


Talk soon!

get to know us

the Medialuv Team


Creative Director / Founder

Medialuv is a group of strategic, creative thinkers, do’ers, writers and creators created to deliver high-end creative services and solutions more efficiently.

After working for years at brands and agencies, Ryan was frustrated with the inefficiencies and unnecessary processes around producing animation & design content. Medialuv was formedWhere does the name come from? On a deadline to turn in an animated music video for an artist, the management team of the artist recommended he put a company name in the credits of the music video. Without thinking