One of the highest converting elements on your landing page is an explainer video.

When a visitor lands on your website, their eyes are scanning for the tool that gives them information the fastest.

And the most powerful tool to deliver that information is an explainer video.

When that play button is pressed, you don’t want to lose that opportunity to educate, entertain, and convert that visitor into a customer.

But in order to open that viewers mind to taking the next step with you, your video needs to have these 5 core elements.

  1. Structure

Similar to the way you would structure the sections of your website landing page, a video has a structure as well.

When a viewer watches that video, they have questions in their head they want answered.

If your video is scrambled, lacks clarity or doesn’t guide that viewer down a path of trust and giving valuable answers to their questions, they will hit the X pretty quickly.

Here is a basic structure you can follow when writing your video script:

  • PROBLEM, NEED, OR PAINT POINT– Speak to your viewer’s current situation.
  • SOLUTION – Introduce your product or service.
  • BENEFITS – How will your offer change someone’s life?
  • FEATURES – Give a peak into some cool advantages of your offering.
  • SOCIAL PROOF – What results or testimonials can you share to show how you’ve changed other’s lives?
  • CALL TO ACTION – Give a quick drive to action at the end. “Book a Demo” or “Sign Up Free Today” works great.

TIP: 120 words equals 1 minute of video run time. So if you divide the 6 bullet points above into 1 minute, you have nice, neat 10 second sections.

Pro tip: Keep the runtimes of your videos nice and neat: 1:00, :45, :30.  

When a viewer presses play, the next thing they will do is check how long the video is. When they see 1:49 seconds, they may roll their eyes.

2. The Right Style and Voice

Live action video, animation, how do you choose the right look and feel of your video.

In order to make this decision, we reverse engineer what your viewer is thinking, their demographic, and your industry.

When you work backwards, from your viewer’s perspective, it’s easier to decide the right style of your video.

For landing page videos, an animated style with sophisticated character designs is a style that can be tailored to and work for almost any industry or company.

3. A Mix of Information and Entertainment

Have fun with your script, and don’t be afraid to add some charm, wit, or bells and whistles to show your audience your company knows how to connect on a more than ‘just business’ level.

A good way to do this, is, when you are following the structure above, substitute a story into one of the sections, rather than a straight forward explainer script.

For instance, what sounds more appealing to a potential customer:

“There is a big gap in the grocery store delivery market, and it’s hard to get the freshest groceries delivered in the same day.”


Narrator: “Need Fresh groceries delivered in the same day?”

A busy mom walks with a laundry basket, she pauses and looks at the camera.

Mom: “Yes please!”

With an underlying structure that is ticking boxes and answering questions for your client written, go back and see if you can add some fun to your landing page video.

4. Make it Quick & Concise

When a viewer makes the decision to press the play button on your website, they are negotiating the amount of time they are willing to commit to find our more about your product or service.

Make sure the length of your video meets their expectations. Videos that are :30, :45, and 1:00 are in the sweet spot of video length time for landing page videos.

Get to the point, give a clear call to action, and remove any long winded sentences to make sure your viewer gets the impression that you put in the extra effort to make your video brief.

5. Customized

Everyone is trying to save a buck when it comes to marketing spend, but a poorly executed, stock video is worse than none at all.

Spend the extra time, effort, and in some cases, cost, on having a video that fits your brand.

The extra effort will pay off when your visitors see the investment you have made, trust you are building, and become customers.

For more information on ‘Crafting Your Message For Animation,” you can download our free guide here.

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